Exclusive: First impressions of the Cooper Discoverer STT Pro tires

Scott Brady, publisher and founder of Expedition Portal, and co-founder of Overland Journal, the initial American driver to win the Outback Challenge, shared his impressions of the new cooper stt pro review tire. Further a story on his behalf.

Last fall, at a specialized SEMA exhibition, Cooper Tire representatives recalled me to a room inaccessible to many visitors, where they slowly brushed away the “cloak” from their last creation - from the new high-performance mud tire. The term for the model has not even been invented, and the team of engineers still clarified the final nuances, but even without it it was clear that the new tire would make a splash.

A few months later, Cooper presented our team with the chance to be the first to evaluate the capabilities of the newly made Discoverer STT Pro tires. Given that we had sympathy for Cooper tires before, the proposal to check the performance of the new model was very tempting, especially considering all of the engineering solutions placed on the Discoverer line in recent years. The American brand not just produces high-quality tires for the secondary market, but in addition offers the best solutions for car manufacturers who have decided to make use of Cooper models as original equipment.

The Cooper Discoverer STT Pro size range is really far limited to five options, but even from them we managed to pick the “caliber” 305/70 R18, ideally suitable for my Mercedes-Benz Gelandewagen. The truth is that my G-Klasse has undergone several improvements, which also touched the suspension. Its 40 mm lift enables you to safely mount 35-inch madovy tires. Until that moment, I drove 33-inch all-terrain tires, nevertheless the Germans are always impressive, and the wheel niches of the 463rd Gelendvagen model can magically accommodate tires with a size of 35 inches. Having received these 32-kilogram "monsters" within our local Discount Tire service center, we installed them on factory disks, and for balancing we needed the littlest weight.

All things considered five tires were installed on the G-Wagen, my first impression was positive, at the least visually. Aggressive, quite modern design without fashionable and useless elements. I liked the side lugs as well as the square frame profile. When installed with black sidewalls outwardly, the tires look discreet, but very stylish.

These tires are gaining popularity among fans of rock crawling, not just due to the excellent coupling properties, the efficient operation of the blocks, but in addition due to the strong impact-resistant sidewalls. For example, Cooper tires are widely known in Australia, where local “natives” value them for his or her durability and reliability, which can be the merit of reinforced

Armor-Tek3 sidewalls, including two main thick layers and one additional protective layer, placed at an angle to the radial layers. The integrity of the blocks will also not be violated due to the presence of inter-block jumpers. The rubber compound also contains special additives that improve durability in high-speed travel on gravel roads and rough terrain.

Cooper has integrated rock crawl-adapted technologies into the new tires by placing grooves on the tire sidewalls that control the low-pressure frame deflection points. As it happens that the side sections, interacting having an obstacle, reduce deformation and provide maximum mechanical traction and traction.

Generally, I should note that the Cooper Discoverer STT Pro is high-performance high-quality tires for both land travel and extreme recreation. They are created to provide an easy and quiet ride on the highway, and just as much traction as you are able to in mud and rocky terrain. Do not assume that they're intended just for mud walks, since they could without difficulty be intensively utilized in everyday life. In the near future, the moment this opportunity arises, we shall certainly test the model in deep mud, in the sand and even try its capabilities in the snow.

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